5g: Why?

What is the driving force behind 5g?

From what I understand about 5g, I have some questions. Why use 5g? Why would a company invest large amounts of resources in building a 5g infrastructure?

Questions & Knowlege:

  • 5g is very short range.
  • 5g cannot penetrate walls easily.
  • 5g drains cellular battery life... FAST.
  • Your phone will become very hot after connecting to 5g.
  • 4g and/or LTE networks are fast enough for any mobile streaming.
  • "Real work" requires a workstation/pc. You do not do data-heavy opperations from a mobile device.
  • Response:

  • Short range is excusable for speed. Non-directional WiFi is short range. We are limited to a 2-block range basically.
  • 5g cannot penetrate walls. So we are basically limited to line of sight.
  • Early LTE radios were very inefficient in earlier phones; this could just be inefficient and immature design. And realistically, the amount of number crunching to keep up with a data stream that fast could use many processor cycles.
  • I am able to stream video absolutely fine over LTE. What 5g providing that I don't have already?
  • Any use cases for faster-than-LTE speeds I can think of are data-heavy workloads not suitable for wireless or mobile workstations.
  • So we have a short-range line-of-sight connection. Is the idea to have a wireless mesh network where cable is no longer requred nationwide? This would require an absurd amount of towers to be deployed in my opinion. More likely, major metropolitan areas would be bridged via fiber networks. More likely, I wonder; what does a short range line of sight provide? TRIANGULATION and SURVELENCE.